Nail files

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Nail files are always within easy reach of manicurists and pedicurists. Shaping, shortening, polishing of fingernails or toenails is unthinkable without these tools. High-quality nail files make it much easier to perform a manicure or pedicure procedure and prepare the nail plate for varnishing. We offer a variety of files waiting for your attention: suitable for natural or gel nails, different roughness, different shapes and colors. In this product category, the price and quality of any nail file will impress even the most demanding buyers.

Files for natural nails

If natural nail files are relevant, look for softer ones - from 180 grit are perfect. A rough file will be a poor solution for natural nails, because it can lead to fragility and layering of the natural nail.

Files for gel nails

For gel nails, opt for a coarser file, around 80-180 grit. The latter are focused on forming hard, solid surfaces and will not harm the gel nail at all.

Which file is best to choose?

If you need a nail file, first note whether it is for natural or gel nails. Also evaluate its roughness, shape, comfort in holding and working with it. It is worth giving priority to products of well-known manufacturers, which have been tested by time and a wide range of users. We are happy to offer only the best products in our range.

Regardless of whether you buy online or at a physical point of sale, the roughness of the file is an essential criterion of choice, so when choosing it, look for the number indicated on the product. For example, 80 grit is an extremely coarse file, 100 is very coarse, 180 is medium coarse, 320 is medium fine, 600 is medium fine, more than 10,000 grit will give the nails an indescribable shine and polish perfectly.

Is it important to pay attention to its shape when choosing a file?

When choosing a file, it is worth knowing that the shape of the tool itself is not an important criterion. This is an individual decision of the craftsman - what shape of file is more convenient for him to work with. True, straight files are more often used for the surface or side edges of the nail, for straight shaping of the nail. Popular boat-shaped nail files - they are convenient to hold and also provide an opportunity to reach the edges of the nail more easily. After evaluating your needs, you will easily find the one that will work best for you.